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Weight Prompt With PROMPT

Weight and measure with Prompt”! Knowing the exact volume of your parcel becomes imperative when you are required to exact volume ” charge on volumetric basis. Prompt, the weigh scanner can show you the exact volume of parcel within three seconds with an accuracy of 1cm.


  • Weighting Capacity: 1000 Kgs
  • Object Shape: Squares & Rectangular
  • Sensing Time: 3 Seconds
  • Accuracy: 1 cm
  • Maximum Object Size: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Minimum Object Size : 100 x 100 mm
  • Operational Temperature: 10o to 50o Celsius
  • Humidity: 0-90 % Non Condensing
  • Bar Code: 128 Bar code standard
  • Interface: RS 232 or Ethernet (TCP/IP) with Build-In

Technology and Quality
The innovative technology used in the scanner assures the quality and accuracy of the measurement. Its modular design and user-friendly graphical interface makes the measurements readable hence nullifying the chances of errors. Furthermore, the defect can be monitored and adjusted with great ease.

Capacity and Capability


The actual size and dimensions of the boxes vary. This is the prime but hidden reason behind the occurrence of the unwanted tariff loses faced by the transporters and logistics organisations. With the help of a weigh scanner, the dimensional weight can be calculated and hence the shipment charges can be precisely calculated.

Prompt can weigh the objects up to 1000kgs. With the ease of knowing the exact volume and weight of your parcel in minimal time, one can easily calculate tariff on volumetric basis. The rectangular shaped scanner is capable of measuring accurately the objects of maximum size 1000 X 1000 X 1000 mm. whilst the lowest size of 100 X 100 Xl 00 mm can also be weighed with same ease.

Logistics Assistance
Weight and measure promptly with “Prompt”. With this weigh scanner one can measure the box with different combinations.

For instance, one can measure:

  • Only dimensions as in the height, length and breadth of the box,
  • Dimensions with weight,
  • WeightAnd Identification forsafetypurposes,
  • Dimensions, weigh and identifications.

Hence, the scanner assists you in taking wise decisions for:

  • Deciding the apt means of transportation,
  • Analysing the order.
  • Planning the storage of the entire shipment
  • Calculating tariff on volumetric basis accurately

The scanner is more like one time investment. It is designed to operate at extreme temperatures varying from 10 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. The high endurance weigh scanner can operate seamlessly at the humidity ranging from 0 to 90%.


  • Prompt has a built in printer along with RS232 or Ethernet(TCP/IP) interface.
  • Its sensing time is 3 sec.
  • Software and other embedded applications reduce the requirement of additional computer.
  • Accurate results delivered with maximum uptime eliminate the chances of errors.
  • High endurance and staying power makes the device ideal for any given Condition.

Its user friendly interface makes the device easy to use without any special training.

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