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GM8802F-4 Field mounting transmitter

The field transmitters are an innovative value-adding solution for batching and weight monitoring applications where many channels of A/D are needed.The instrument has 4 channels of independent A/D bundled flawlessly in a IP65 case,allowing it to perform under the worst industrial environments and dramatically reducing the amount of shielded analogue line needed and creating significant savings on the project’s bottom-line.

  • CE approved
  • IP65 casing allows performance in the worst industrial environment
  • Used in systems with PLC/PC
  • 4 independent channels of A/D bundled together
  • Powerful 32 bit ARM technology CPU makes it exceptional precise and responsive
  • Patent pending two-layer advanced digital filtering algorithm
  • 24 bit Delta-Sigma A/D conversion with 8 million counts internal resolution
  • Advanced power supply at wide power range 18-36V DC
  • All output ports optically isolated
Power Supply DC 24V ± 5%
Power Consume About 5W
Type 24-bit Delta-Sigma
Analogue input range 0mV to 15mV
Linearity <0.001%FS
Gain Drifting 10PPM/℃
Minimum Sensitivity 0.2 µ V/d
Conversion Rate 120/s
Display Accuracy 1 / 50,000
AD independent channels 4pcs AD
Calibration By test weight or by electronic calibration
Digital Filter Two layer FIR filter with 9 selectable levels
Weighing Functions Zero, zero tracking
Operating Temperature -10℃ to 40℃
Storage Temperature -25℃ to 70℃
Relative Humidity 90% R.H without dew
IP Level IP 65
Excitation 5V
Load Cells Drives 8pcs load cells 350Ω
Dimensions & Weight 270×200×78mm (L×W×H) weighs approx.1500g
Certification CE
Enclosure Cast aluminum body.
RS485 Serial Interface 9600 and 38400 baud(optional), bus capability up to 31 units
Communication Mode Requested or Modbus RTU/ASCII