5 Reasons why online check weighers are necessary for the food industry

If you are a buyer or supplier from the food industry and facing issues with the packaging quality control, you must consider investing in an online check weigher. It is a vital aspect of packaging quality control and ensures that the interests of both manufacturers and consumers are protected. Manufacturers get the guarantee that their products have accurate material and ingredients and that they comply with the national regulations. On the other hand, consumers too get the assurance that they are receiving a quality product according to what is mentioned on the label. Check weighers are thus very important as they build that trust between manufacturers and consumers by making sure that the products delivered are of quality standards.

To help buyers and suppliers from the food industry meet highest production standards, we offer innovative check weighers. The Prompt Equipment check weighers are different than other basic scales because they offer precise solutions to several heavy-load production lines, including the food industry. They have been used by businesses across different industries and have been beneficial for them.

Here are five reasons why you must use a Prompt Equipment check weigher:

  1. Improves accuracy and reduces product giveaway

The prime benefit of using a check weigher scale is savings. The ability to deliver products with an accurate weight is beneficial for bottom-line savings because raw material will not be wasted and there would be no need to repeat the processes. For many businesses, these check weighers are critical because they determine the profitability of operations. Our check weighers can help you weigh bags or cases up to 60kgs with excellent accuracy, especially for flexible packages.

  • Ensures product quality

The product weight is one of the important parameters that are tested during the quality control process. A check weigher can make quick and accurate measurements that can be verified through a statistical analysis, which is an important function of quality control. Our check weighers have an integrated entry and exit conveyor which makes the product identification easier. There are also statistics programs that can be used for evaluation purpose.

  • Meets regulatory obligations

Our check weighers follow a high-precision mechanism that helps guarantee accuracy in weight. It is very important for businesses from the food industry where the product weight is displayed on the packages. If your products are underweight, the regulatory agencies can even fine you which could lead to a bad name and loss for your business. Our check weighers are equipped with variable belt speed control and allow automatic time adjustment during weighing.

  • Provides easy integration in any production line

Our check weighers provide clear and easy-to-use operator functions. The panel comes with a high-visibility 10-inch TFT screen along with graphic user interface and attractive touch-screen.  For statistics purpose, the check weigher can tally 1,000,000-pcs weight value and offers two-grams high precision. It can also be easily cleaned which is possible due to the removable assemblage. The assembly also offers optimum flexibility as the anti-vibration legs help is adjusting the height of the check weigher. The belt of this check weigher is approved for processing of food and complies with the standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) India. The body of this check weigher has a sturdy built and is made of steel.

  • Offers key digital functions

The check weigher has a capability to store the data for multiple products which can go up to 100 products. It also offers data storage functions and you can take printouts of all the important data for analysis. You can prevent unauthorised access of the check weigher by installing a password. It also has a buzzer and lamp alarming system.

Our check weighers come with multiple features and at extremely economical prices. Use them for increased efficiency in your operations and avoid underweight or overweight packages that could lead to costly giveaway and overweight shipments. Investing in our check weigher today will help you safeguard the quality and improve the profits of your business. To know more about our check weighers, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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