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Check Weight Machine

An Automatic Weight Checking Solution for Dairy Industry.


Prompt is working for dairy industry from a long time, and has provided many innovative products and services for betterment of this industry. Prompt is an India based company renowned for its revolutionary product that are mainly designed to empower rural and dairy sector. Prompt supplies different milk testing machines and weighting scales to dairy industries. Technological enhancement was very much required to improve work efficiency and profit for the company. Automation in packing was just implemented. It was very useful and efficient but sometimes errors like excess or loss of weight was observed.


Dairy deals in number of products and each product manufactured are in numbers of lac. They were frequently facing issues of weight fluctuations. That was a big problem for them as if the weight is more it cause loss to the company and if less it can create a legal constraint which can destroy their hard earned reputation. As per a calculation a big size dairy produces 10, 00000 pack of butter and if 4grams in extra than it comes out to be 40,000 K.G of milk which comes to be around 8 Lac rupees per day. This is just for the Butter they are also in Ghee, Curd, Ice creams, Butter milk, etc.


Expert team from prompt found out that due to continuous use of the packing machines, they tend to loss accuracy sometimes resulting in fluctuation of weight in the packs. With the combination of electronic and information technology they developed a device called “CHECK WEIGHT??? that is configured with the computer software it is not only useful in checking weight but also records the data for real time correction and also check authentic operation by unique pack recognition. Even this helps management to track weight on predefined interval and make corrective action when required. Detailed reports helps them to track performance and set future plan accordingly.

This smart machine comes with triple light indicator of Red, Yellow and Green color that indicates more, less and OK weight respectively. This makes it easy to understand for the operation and take immediate action.


Advantages of Prompt Solution

Minimize Product Giveaways
Ensuring Legal Compliances
Tracks Data & Controls Task