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Q1: Do you have indicators for twin head bagging machines?
A:Yes, our GM8804C-D dual-hopper packaging controller is specialized to used in twin head bagging system equipment.
Q2:How to pack bags at exact weight by GM8804C-2 packaging controller?
A:Our most popular GM8804C-2 indicator can control 3 kinds speed of feeding: fast, moderate and slow, which are widely used to package rice, flour, seed and so on.
Q3:How many kinds of ingredients can be batching by GM8806A batching controller?
A:Our update GM8806A can control 4 kinds of ingredients to be batching at same time.
Q4:Which weighing indicator have 3set point?
A:Our update indicator GM8806A-C supply 3set point for user to define freely.
Q5:How many AD in GM8802F-4?
A:Totally GM8802F-4 have 4 AD in 4 channels to meet different weighing requirement.
Q1:How to realize wireless communication between remote display and weighing indicator?
A:We have installed wireless receiver in remote display, so the technologist can connect weighing indicators with our wireless sender to communicate freely by 30kinds protocols.
Q2: Can user communicate by MODBUS protocol?
A:Yes, sure. Our indicators can support MODBUS communication protocol.
Q3: How to communicate with PC host computer?
A:There are optional RS232 or RS485 serial port for end user to communicate.
Q1:How many load cells can be connected with your indicators?
A:Normally our indicator can connect 8pcs load cells at 350 ohm.
Q2:How to connect 6wires between load cell and indicator by 4wires?
A:The technologist need connect SN+ and EX+ together, SN- and EX- together.