Improve your manufacturing efficiencies successfully through M04 Controller

The sign of a good manufacturing process is how accurate the weight of the final product is. Manufacturers must make the right use of the technology to ensure their manufacturing processes are industry-compliant and meet the highest standards. This not only helps them build the trust of their customers but also helps them improve their profits. It is possible due to increased customer retention and building on the customer base through the successful engagement of existing customers. To help manufacturers improve their business practices and attract new customers, we present the M04 Series Weighing Controller. Let’s take a look at what the product is all about and its features.

M04 Series Weighing Controller

It is a smart weighing controller that is specifically designed to weigh relevant systems. It can be widely used across industries like seed, feed, food, chemical, building material, etc.

Features and benefits

  • It is equipped with an advanced algorithm and optimised hardware for faster and accurate weighing control.
  • Its five-inch screen allows easy operation and gives an elegant appearance.
  • The USB port allows easy import and export of data. The boot screen is user-friendly due to the upgraded software.
  • It has a standard I/O system with an active low-level for input.

The M04 Series is available in three different versions:

  1. M04-2 Bagging Scale Controller

It provides software that supports multi-type bagging scale applications.

  • M04-D Bagging Scale Controller with Double Hopper

It provides software that supports multi-type bagging scale applications.

  • M04-6/6D Single/Double Nozzle for Liquid Filling Application

It provides software that supports single/double nozzle for liquid filling application

Features and benefits

Some of the most common features and benefits of these versions of products are:

  • Support

Provides support for hopper and non-hopper mode, and the double-scale interlocking mode.

  • I/O tests

Supports I/O tests which make it easy for product debugging.

  • Digital filtering
  • Delivers multiple digital filtering that helps improve the anti-interference capability of packaging scale.
  • Speed feeding control

Gives automatic three material speed feeding control. There is also an optional manual slow feeding function.

  • Powder material packaging

Packaging powder materials can become easy through its batch setting and patting bags function.

  • Security

Gives complete security through its multiple levels of operating permissions.

  • Button functions

You can easily set one-click button for batch setting, recipe selection, parameter calibration, etc.

  • Database

It can easily store recipes of 20 groups. All you need to do is manually set up feeding mode speed, target value, drop value and any other required parameters.

  • I/O ports,

8 Input/12 Output slots or 12 Input/17 Output slots. These can be used for connecting USB, PC, printers, remote displays, etc.

  • Auxiliary logic programming function (M04-6/6D)

You can define up to six sets of logic trigger signals and simple logic signal output can be configured.

  • Intelligent feeding control (M04-6/6D)

The speed of feeding and scaling can be adjusted to achieve efficiency in operations.

To know more details about the M04 weighing controllers, please contact us today. We will help you understand the product in detail through a live demo as well.

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