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  • Weighing indicator

    GM7701F1 is a digital weighing transmitter that offers an innovative value-adding solution for AD signals. This weighing transmitter offers excellent speed and accuracy, which makes it ideal to be used for a range of weight monitoring applications.

  • Weighing transmitter

    This digital weighing transmitter comes with the standard dimension, which makes it suitable for mounting on DIN. The dimension makes it versatile and suitable for a range of industries like feeds, chemical, concrete and bitumen mixing, metallurgy smelting, etc. This weighing transmitter has a small size and compact design, giving it easy integration capabilities. It offers excellent practicability, stability and ease of operations.

  • Weighing TRANSMITTER

    This compact weighing transmitter offers DIN-rail mounting capabilities with excellent reliability and advanced filtering functions. Featuring a sturdy built and compact design, it will not consume much space and still handle the rigorous extremes of industrial environments. This digital weighing transmitter is built with special aluminium casing that helps keep away the electrical interference. It ensures reliable and stable performance at all times. It is ideal for dynamic weighing systems.

  • This DIN-rail mounting digital weighing transmitter offers advanced filtering and excellent reliability. It has a sturdy and durable built that ensures it can perform well under the most severe industrial environments. It is built with special aluminium casing that can keep away electrical interference. It will remain stable and deliver accurate results at all times.


    GM8802C-E is a digital weighing transmitter that can be rail mounted. It can be customized for dynamic weighing systems. Offering excellent reliability and advanced filtering function, it can perform well under heavy interference and extreme industrial environments. The special aluminium casing helps shield the electrical interference, assuring reliable operations.

  • weighing controller

    This multi-function weighing control indicator is a smart machine that offers niche functions. It is especially suited for industries that have small-volume products and need plenty of communicating commands. Easy to use, this digital weighing transmitter offers stable performance and desired results.