Feedback Offline Chekweigher

Feedback Offline Chekweigheris specially designed to check to weigh of strip pouches. It is boon to the packaging industry. It can reduce manpower expense easy to control.

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Key Features

  • Powerful 32 bit ARM technology CPU makes it exceptional precise and responsive
  • A two-layer advanced digital filtering algorithm
  • 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D conversion with 8 million counts
  • internal resolution
  • IP65 front panel protection
  •  Modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Display-6 digits, 7 segments, LED red

Product Highlights

  • Controls target weight by integrating to Form – fill seal machines
  • Logs weight Data
  • Reduced man-power expenses
  • Eliminates revenue loss due to excess material to over-packaging
  • Easy controls with a user-friendly keypad, LED and LCD Display
  • Lesser Total cost of Ownership (TCO) * Auto correction system hassle-free from legal issues

Technical Specifications

  • Technical specification
  • Max Capacity-6kg
  • Least count-0.5gm
  • Platform size-325mm X 325mm
  •  Communication-RS232
  • Recipe-30 nos can be saved.
  • SS 304 Panel