GM7702, a digital weighing transmitter with the standard dimension, is suitable for mounting on DIN rail in many industrial fields. Small size and flat compact design allow it to integrate with the entire weighing sector. Due to its high practicability, stability and easy operation, GM7702 can be widely used in industries like feeds, chemical, concrete and bitumen mixing, metallurgy smelting, etc.

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Key Features

  • With RS232/485 serial ports and support remote control
  • Support tare, preset tare function
  • Equipped with 2 IN 3 OUT I/O module
  • Small size and flat compact design with standard 35mm DIN mounting.
  • High Precision: A/D converter 120/240/480 times/sec.
  • Optional 16bit high-precision analog output: 0~24mA, 0~5V, 0~10V and user-defined analog output

Product Highlights

  • CE Approved
  • I/O programmable
  • Compact Design
  • EMC testing pass
  • IP65 Protection

Technical Specifications

General Specifications
Power Supply DC24V
Working temperature
Maximum humidity 90% R.H without dew
A/D converter  24-bit Delta-Sigma
A/D conversion speed 120/240/480 SPS
Non-linearity 0.01% F.S
Gain drift 10PPM/°C
Input sensitivity 0.02μV/d
Input range 0.00-15mV
Maximum display accuracy 1/100000
Load cell power DC5V 100mA(Max.)
Input impedance 10MΩ
Zero steady range 0.02~8mV (load cell 2mV/V)
Inputs 2, NPN zero / tare / trigger preset point n (n=1/2/3/4)
Outputs 3, 500mA Max. Stabilization/Overflow/Trigger Point n Output (n=1/2/3/4)/Upper/Middle/Lower Limit