This weighing controller is specially designed for loss in weight application. It is an integrated multi-function packing indicator that will control the packing equipment. Featuring a strong and reliable body, it will withstand the rigorous industrial environments and offer excellent accuracy. With a simple functionality, it will be easy to operate for anyone. This weighing controller is ideal for feed, chemical and food industries.

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Key Features

  • Working with or without a material hopper
  • 20 On/Off data input and output control (8 in and 12 out), and all the input/output lines are user programmable
  • Function of ON/OFF data testing for significantly decreasing the difficulties of installation and packing system testing on the working field on- spot
  • Automatic feeding control of three-way asynchronies feeding speed, and the optional “jog feeding” function makes the man-machine interface more friendly.
  • All the calibration can be manually done by inputting millivolt data through the front panel(instead of calibration using actual load or weight)
  • 40 recipes can be programmed and stored within this controller for future choice and use.
  • Leading value for slow feeding is adjustable.
  • Free fall difference adjustable
  • Multilevel of digital filter are used for reliability.
  • Function of batching number setting
  • Bag-patting function is provided for powdery material
  • packing. Automatic Zero-Tracking function is also provided.
  • Date and time function.
  • GM8804C weighing controller provides two serial communication ports to the user to communicate with computer, printer and/or a second display. In this case, a SIO extension board must be selected and installed.

Product Highlights

  • Software is specially designed for loss in weight application
  • IP65 protected
  • High accuracy
  • Automatic freefall adjustment

Technical Specifications

General Specifications GM8804C-4
Power Supply A C 90 V- 2 6 0 V 50H z / 60H z ±2%
Power Supply Filter Installed inside
Working Temperatures -10~ 40℃
Max. Humidity 90% R.H without dew
Power 15W
Dimension 168×165×82mm
Analog Input Part
Power Source for load cell DC 12V 380 mA(MAX)
Input Resistance 10MΩ
Zero Point Adjustment range 0.2 ~ 20 mV ( When the transducer is 2 mV / V. )
0.2 ~ 30 mV ( When the transducer is 3 mV / V. )
Maximum Input sensitivity 0.5μV / d
Input Range 0.2 ~ 27 mV ( When the transducer is 2 m V / V. )
0.2 ~ 37 mV ( When the transducer is 3 m V / V. )
A/D Type Sigma – Delta
A/D Rate 120Times/Second
Non-Linear 0.01% F.S
Gain Drifting 10PPM/℃
Maximum Accuracy of Display 1/30000
Digital part
Display High light VFD main display and 4 green LED indicators
Negative Display “—”
Over Scale Display “OFL”
Key Pad 16 beep keys.