The general-purpose weighing controller is designed to control automatic packing machines. It is best suited for feed, grain, seed, and chemical industries. It provides the most accurate result.


The general-purpose weighing controller with dual hoppers and touch screen is designed for double scale packing machine.

2) GM9907-L2 :

GM9907 is a single hopper packaging controller with touch screen.available in five models for different functionalities (with/without hopper, bulk scale, valve port, PLC).

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Key Features

  • Various Software Options Bagging scale, Bulk scale, Loss-in-weight, Batching
  • 7-inch full color touch screen
  • Date/time-set function
  • Self-charging adaption
  • Support boot screen alteration and upgrade with USB
  • Two communication ports and Ethernet ports as standard connecting with computer or printer
  • 28 programmable input and output control ports (12 in and 16 out), which are customised
  • 40 recipes can be programmed and stored within the controller for future choice and use.
  • Manual digital calibration and with reweighing function
  • Selectable A/D Converter 120/240/480/960 times/sec
  • Display accuracy up to 1/100,000

Product Highlights

  • CE Approved
  • Anti-vibration
  • Compact design
  • High Accuracy
  • IP65 Protected

Technical Specifications

Mode GM9907
Power Supply DC24V
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Maximum Humidity 90% R.H without dew
Test Standard Class III 6000e, 1μV/d
Power Consume About 15W
IP Leve Front panel IP65
Type 24-bit Sigma-Delta
Conversion Rate 120/240/480/960 SPS
Non-Linear 0.01% F.S
Gain Drifting 10PPM/’C
Minimum Sensitivity 0.05 μV/d
Analog Input Range 0.02mV -15mV
Display Accuracy 1/100000
Power Source for Load Cell DC5V 125mA (MAX)
Input Resistance 10MΩ
Zero Point Adjustment Range 0.02-8mV (When the transducer is 2mV/V.)