M04 Weighing Controller with single or double hopper with new algorithm simplifies the operation and enhances the working efficiency & accuracy. The weighing controller is specially designed for weighing the relevant system.USB port and two serial communication ports allow it to connect with the system easily. M04 is used for bagging, bulk scale, and loss-in-weight batching/feeding etc. MO4-6 supports single/double nozzle liquid filling applications.

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Key Features

  • Various software options Bagging scale, Bulk scale, Loss-in-weight, Batching
  • New generation chip
  • Adaptive optimization algorithm to accelerate the working pace and increase accuracy
  • 5 inch TFT LCD concise operation interface
  • Automatic Zero-Tracking function
  • Two serial communication ports to connect with a printer, computer or a second display
  • Programmable I/O module: 8 in and 12 out I/O module as standard, 12 in and 16 out as extending the option
  • Display accuracy: 1/100,000
  • The perfect balance between speed and precision with automatic three-speed feeding control
  • With a USB port, users can input and output all parameters, as well as the upgrade system.
  • Selectable A/D: 120/240/480/960 times/sec
  • 20 recipes can be stored for different weighing capacity.
  • Multilevel of digital filters
  • Widely used in packing system with or without a weighing material hopper

Product Highlights

  • CE Approved
  • OIML Certified
  • Anti-vibration
  • High Accuracy
  • Front panel IP65 Protected

Technical Specifications

Model MO4
Power Supply AC90-260V 50Hz(or 60Hz) +2%
Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C
Maximum Humidity 90% R.H without dew
OIML Standard OIML R76: Class III 6000 divis. 1μV/d
Power Consume About 15W
IP Level Front panel IP65
Type 24-bit Sigma-Delta
Conversion Rate 120/240/480/960 SPS
Non-Linear 0.01% F.S
Gain Drifting 10PPM/°C
Minimum Sensitivity 0.02 μ V/d
Analog Input Range 0.02mV -15mV
Display Accuracy 1/100000
Power Source for Load Cell DC5V 125mA (MAX)
Input Resistance 10MΩ
Zero Point Adjustment Range 0.02-8mV (When the transducer is 2mV/V.)


MO4 & MO4-D