Online Checkweigher 1.2K

CW-1.2K is highly efficient checkweigher designed for pharma, food, beverage, pesticides, vegetable, fodder, chemical industries etc. This high accuracy checkweigher minimizes the overfilling of the material above the specified weight and contribute to reductions in production costs.

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Key Features

  • High visibility 10inch TFT screen with a graphic user interface
  • Automatic weighing compensation and zero tracking
  • Automatic measuring time adjustment
  • Bag or case weighing up to 1200 g
  • Easy integration in almost every production line
  • Excellent accuracy, especially with flexible packaging
  • 1,000,000pcs weight value for production statistics
  • Data storage and data printout ready
  • Variable belt speed control
  • Designed for the control of packaged and unpackaged goods
  • Heavy-duty conveyor components, high-quality electronics
  • Statistics programs for evaluation

Product Highlights

  • Designed Especially for Pharma, Food, Spices & Components manufacturer
  • Statistical Data Report facility
  • IP 54 Protection

Technical Specifications

Model Checkweigher CW-1.2K
Scale Division 0.1g
Weighing range 5~1200g
Accuracy ±0.5g
Weighing speed 120pcs/min
Belt speed 5-90meter/min
Platform size 430x310mm
Height 750±50mm
Belt size 400x250mm
Belt material PU (White)
Belt thickness 0.7mm
Tested object size 50-300×20-220×10-220mm
Display size 10 inch
Alarm light 3-color signal light
Alam horn Optional
Holder/Frame material 304 stainless steel
Weigher platform material 304 stainless steel
Data storage 100 sets of parameters and 1 million weighing results
Communication RS485 (Modbus RTU)/Modbus TCP/IP
Rejection mechanism Pusher, Swing ~ arm type, Flap type
Air pressure 0.4~0.6 MPa
Segment 3 levels
IP grade IP54