Online Checkweigher 60K

CW-60K, an automatic checkweigher with 100% in-line control weight capacity is developed with advance weighing technology. It offers a high precision solution in the weighing system to a wide range of industries, such as food, grain, fertilizer and cement, especially to logistics regarding heavy load production line.

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Key Features

  • High visibility 10inch TFT screen with a graphic user interface
  • Easy cleaning and to removable assembly
  • Indicator light
  • Bag or case weighing up to 60kg
  • Easy integration in almost every production line
  • Anti-vibration legs with height adjustment
  • Integrated entry conveyor and exit conveyor
  • Automatic measuring time adjustment
  • RS485 and Ethernet connection
  • High accuracy in flexible packaging
  • Making product identification fast and simple
  • 1,000,000pcs weight value for production statistics storage

Product Highlights

  • Designed Especially for Secondary weighing
  • Best suited for Weighing of Cartons, Big Boxes, Bags and drums
  • Statistical Data Report facility
  • IP54 Protection

Technical Specifications

Model Checkweigher CW-60K
Scale Division 2g
Weighing range 1-60kg
Accuracy ±10g
Weighing speed 40pcs/min
Belt speed 10-60meter/min
Platform size 1280x710mm
Height  750+/-50mm
Belt size 1200x600mm
Belt material PVC (Black)
Belt thickness 2mm
Tested object size 100-1000×50-550×50-550mm
Display size 10 inch
Alarm light 3-color signal light
Alam horn Optional
Holder/Frame material Carbon steel paint
Weigher platform material 201 stainless steel
Data storage 100 sets of parameters and 1 million weighing results
Communication RS485 (Modbus RTU)/Modbus TCP/IP
Rejection mechanism user customized
Air pressure user customized
Segment user customized
IP grade IP54