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F103A is an automatic weigh filler, its self-optimizing controls can be precisely configured to your specific material flow, speed & accuracy requirements.



  • Specially designed for granular products like Rice, Pulses, Plastic Granules, Animal Feed, Maize, Soybeans, Seeds, etc
  • Equipped with the self-optimizing intelligent program for high-speed operation
  • Can be easily mounted directly below the storage
  • Accuracy range _+ 20 gm
  • Models available in 5~25 kg, 10~50 kg
  • Speeds up to 16 Bags per minute
Model AF-05K, AF-25K, AF-50K
Hardware 10 inch Touch Screen, Actuator, F301 Mainboard, 4G Signal Transmitter
Structure Weigher Scale, Measuring Hopper, Electric Cabinet, Discharge Hopper
Filling Mode Gravity/Stepper Motor
Controller GM weighing Controller
Communication USB, RS232/485
Weighing Range 5~25 kg, 10~50 kg
Value for min.division 1ˎ 2ˎ 5ˎ 10ˎ 20ˎ 50
Accuracy _+ 20 gm
Speed  _ < 900 Bags Per Hour
Operating Temperature 0°C~40°C
Operating Humidity 90% R.H Condensation is not allowed
Power AC 110 ~ 260V.50/60HZ. Approximate 200VA
Material Food contacting material: SS 304 stainless steel, others: SS 201