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A checkweigher is one of the most important elements of the production process. It helps you with ensuring regulatory compliance, improve productivity, increase profits, avoid costly product giveaways, and meet consistent results. Prompt Equipments brings to you this white paper that explains how a checkweigher can simplify your production process and bring you better profits.

In this white paper, we address the advantages of checkweighers, their varied uses, working pattern, and tips on selecting the right checkweigher for your business. We also take a look at the quality control aspects, issue of product giveaways, operational efficiencies, and product consistency.

Table of Contents
What is a checkweigher 5
Belts of a checkweigher 6
Importance of checkweighers 8
Missing Secondary Components 9
Regulatory Norms on Net Contents 9
Legal Actions Against Erring Companies 9
How does a checkweigher work 10
How a checkweigher weighs products 10
Movement of Products 10
Rejection of Products 10
Weighing Accuracy 11
Checkweigher Accuracy 11
Importance of Weighing Accuracy 11
Ways to Achieve Weighing Accuracy 11
Difference between an Automatic Checkweigher and a Static Scale 11
How to keep the checkweigher performing to its best 11
Belts and chains 12
Mechanical alignment 12
Rejectors and photo eyes 12
Transfer of products 12
Product separation 12
Calibration 12
Product specifications 13
Reports 13

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