Bagging Controller

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  • GM8802S-P

    GM8802S-P is a bulk accumulator controller is a weighing control machine that is specifically designed for discontinuous automatic accumulator scale. Offering a lot of value, this weighing controller has a compact size, offers high accuracy, and is equipped with simple functions. Anyone can easily operate it without the need for any support. It is ideal for usage across industries like chemical, food, and other industries that require bulk material metering equipment.


    GM8804C-2 is a bagging or packaging controller that incorporates several patented key technologies. This controller controls with a material hopper or without material hopper application. The automatic three-speed functioning ensures an excellent balance between speed and precision. This bagging controller is ideal for grain, chemical, and fertilizer industries.

  • GM8804C-4 is a bagging controller, which is an integrated multi-function packing indicator to control automatic packing equipment. GM8804C-4 offers high accuracy, robust functionality and easy to operate.

  • GM8804CD

    GM8804CD is a revolutionary dual-hopper packaging controller that is also the first of its kind in the world. This packaging controller is developed with key technologies that promise high performance, reliability and accuracy. It can be easily integrated and is a value-adding solution for applications where dual hoppers are needed on a single machine.

  • GM8806A-BZ

    GM8806A-BZ is a highly versatile bagging controller that offers multiple functions. The robust controllers of this bagging system connect the functions of basic weighing, batching, and packaging. It comes in a compact and robust casing that can withstand the extreme industrial environments. Offering excellent flexibility, there are several options for different function modes. It will help in minimizing your inventory, while at the same time it will offer unmatched performance and flexibility.

  • GM9907 is a general-purpose weighing controller that will take care of all your packaging needs. It controls the automatic packing machines, delivering precise results. The smart and sturdy built of this bagging system ensure that it can function effectively even in the stressful industrial environments. This packaging controller is ideal for feed, grain, seed, and chemical industries.

    • GM9907-LD:

    It is a general-purpose weighing controller that can control the dual hopper application. It offers the touch screen function for better use.

    • GM9907-L2:

    It is a single hopper packaging controller that comes with the touch screen function. This controller is available with five different software for different functionalities that include with/without hopper, bulk scale, valve port, and PLC.

  • Weighing Controller

    MO4 is a versatile weighing controller that can control single or dual hopper application. It’s new and advanced algorithm simplifies the operation and enhances the working efficiency and accuracy. This bagging controller comes with a USB port and two serial communication ports that allow easy connection with other devices. It can be used for a wide variety of needs like bagging, bulk scale, loss-in-weight batching or feeding, etc. An advanced version of this bagging system, MO4-6, supports single or double nozzle liquid filling applications.