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Prompt Checkweigher 1.2KG

Checkweigher 1.2kg

Precise Checkweigher Solutions Enabled for all Industries Checkweigher 1.2kg is a highly efficient and effective checkweigher machine specially designed for varied industries, including pharma, food, spices, beverage, pesticides, vegetable, fodder, Components manufacturer and chemicals. This highly accurate industrial checkweigher minimises...

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Checkweigher 100 G

Checkweigher 100G

Online Checkweigher – High Speed, Accuracy & Precision Online Checkweigher 100G is a mix of sophistication and efficiency with a boost in precision. It is an automatic checkweigher made of premium stainless steel, complying with the latest electrical safety regulations....

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Prompt Checkweigher 600 g

Checkweigher 600G

Dynamic Checkweigher Solutions Vital for Industries Our CW-600G Checkweighing system checks, measures, and removes products manufactured outside the set weight criteria. The high precision Checkweigher is precisely configured for the control of packaged and unpackaged products in different industries. They...

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Prompt Checkweigher

Checkweigher 6kg

Checkweigher 6kg – In-Motion Checkweigher Checkweigher 6kg is a highly resourceful and practical checkweigher machine specially designed for wide-ranging functions. This precise checkweigher enables bags or cases weighing up to 6kg and backs to reduce the involved production costs. Our...

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Prompt Checkweigher 15 KG

Checkweigher 15kg

Heavy-Duty Checkweigher Solution for Industries With Motion Checkweigher 15kg, we meet the high demands and requirements of many industries. Checkweigher 15kg is an automatic high precision checkweigher that is applicable for fruit & vegetable, food & beverage, fodder, and chemical...

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Checkweigher 60 KG

Checkweigher 60kg

Automatic Checkweigher Solution for Varied Industries Our CW-60K, an automatic checkweigher, comes with 100% in-line control weight capacity is developed with modern-day weighing technology. The Online Checkweigher Machine provides a high precision system in an intact weighing solution to an...

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Checkweigher 100G Pro by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Checkweigher 100G Pro

Checkweigher-100G Pro is an automatic speed checkweigher made of industry-grade stainless steel. The instrument meets the specific safety standards and compliance regulations and ensures highly accurate check-weighing during any operation. It can be installed and maintained easily. Due to its...

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Weight check and sorting machine by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Weight Check & Sorting Machine

Prompt Checkweigher + Sorting machine offers efficient weighing and sorting solutions for manufacturing and packaging industries. It comprises top-notch features for sorting 5 – 7 weight grades. This machine can be used for weighing and sorting bags, containers, bottles, and...

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Product Image for Prompt Weighing Scale

Checkweigher with Metal Detector

CW 1.2K is a highly accurate checkweigher meant for accurate weight measurements. This machine has a durable SS304 stainless steel structure with the highest-grade electronic interface to accurately measure weights at a high speed. It can be used for checkweighing...

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Checkweigher product image by Prompt Weighing Solution

Checkweigher 60Kg-V

CW 60K-V is a checkweigher designed to fit in any manufacturing or packaging operation line. The machine guarantees the highest accuracy in terms of checkweighing. It can measure a wide weighing range of packaged and unpackaged items in a production...

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