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GM-JX-V by Prompt Weighing Solutions


GM-JX-V is not the normal and traditional load cell junction box. In addition to regulating the wiring function, it can compensate and correct the four-angle deviation by adjusting the resistance value of the precision potentiometer. On some special weighing occasions when the angle deviation is so large to affect the measurement results, this junction box can effectively solve the user's problems.

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Controller by Prompt Weighing Solutions


The GMT-P1 is a panel-mounted weighing transmitter that offers exceptional reliability, advanced filtering, and a tested ability to perform stably under the interference of harsh industrial environments. It is customized for dynamic weighing systems with the highest demands for reliability, response speed, and accuracy.

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Weighing Scale by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Table Top Scale – Chhotu Scale

Chhotu Scale is a heavy-duty tabletop scale for accurate weight measurement. The dust-proof model has a standard pan size and comes with a dual-display facility. It also has a battery backup for non-stop weighing operations in stores and industries.

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Hercules weighing scale by Prompt Weighing Solution

Platform – Hercules Scale

Hercules Scale has a durable and strong industry-grade make that can measure weights from 30 kg to 2000 kg. It has inbuilt mechanical load protection and a remote display for faster and more efficient weight measurement operations.

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Weighing scale by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Table Top Scale – Supreme

Prompt Supreme Table Top Scale is a durable instrument that comes with a standard-sized pan and inbuilt battery backup for non-stop weighing operations. This weighing scale is ideal for provisions stores and industry purposes. It has dual-display modes for easy recording of weight measurements.

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Weighing controller by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Loss-in-weight Controller M06-3

Prompt M06-3 is a loss-in-weight controller designed for high accuracy in continuous dosing applications. This weight controller can be used in measuring flake-dry bulk materials, powder, liquid, and granules. It provides the accurate function of stable feeding and, thus, reduces material wastage during packaging. This machine is mainly used in food, agro, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, rare earth smelting, and other industries.

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Weighing controller by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Linear Feeder Controller GBOX-802CD

Prompt Linear Feeder Controller GBOX-802CD is designed as a weighing module for linear feeder packing systems. This feeder controller fits well with systems with vibrators. The new algorithm used in its interface makes weighing control accurate and faster. This machine comes with multiple communication ports for easy connectivity and control, and is ideal for weighing granules and powdery substances (sizes ranging between 10g and 5000g) like salt, sugar, rice, seeds, sesame, spice, coffee, milk powder, and washing powder, etc.

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Hopper for grains by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Linear Feeder Packing Machine

Prompt Linear Feeding Packing Machine is designed to measure powder and granular materials. The machine has a multi-stage feeding feature which can be put to use under controlled vibration. Its pneumatic cylinder ensures fast discharging in accordance with the packing speed. The weighing range of this linear feeder machine is vast enough to serve various industrial packaging requirements. Its high level of precision ensures accurate packaging and measurement for agro, food, fodder, chemical, plastic, rubber, and other industries.

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Product photograph by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Continuous Weighing Scale

B103B-12T Continuous Weighing Scale is designed for continuous discharging and intermittent feeding during batching and weighing operations. It discharges mixing material uniformly and maintains automatic flow at the desired level. The flow rate of this weighing scale ranges between 0.5t and 12t per hour and the accumulated accuracy rate is below 0.1%. Continuous Weighing Scale B103B-12T is manufactured using industry-grade material suitable for weighing chemicals, food products, agro products, etc. It fits well in almost all industrial flow-batching applications.

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Weighing transmitter by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Weighing Transmitter GMT-X4 Four-Channel

GMT-X4 is a DIN rail-mounted weighing transmitter with four-channel. When one of the four channels' load cells is damaged, GMT-X4 will automatically identify and give an alarm by displaying the alarm message on the screen. It has the characteristics of compact design, stable performance, and easy operation, which can be used for various weighing applications, such as weight checking, loss-in-weight, liquid filling, batching, vessel and silo weighing, etc.

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