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Weighing Transmitter GMT-X4 Four-Channel

GMT-X4 is a DIN rail-mounted weighing transmitter with four-channel. When one of the four channels’ load cells is damaged, GMT-X4 will automatically identify and give an alarm by displaying the alarm message on the screen. It has the characteristics of compact design, stable performance, and easy operation, which can be used for various weighing applications, such as weight checking, loss-in-weight, liquid filling, batching, vessel and silo weighing, etc.

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Hardware Highlights

  • Stainless steel housing with compact design(62X134X128mm);
  • Different configuration choices, a variety of combinations;
  • Standard: ① 4-channel of 6-wire load cell interfaces; ② RS485&RS232; ③ 4 Input 8 Output transistor I/O;
  • Option1: Modbus TCP /IP or EtherNet/IP or ProfiNet or EtherCat or CCLink;
  • Option2: 4 analog output;
  • Option3: 1CAN interface;

(Option1,2,3 can be selected at the same time)


Software Highlights

  • Zero point reset function: support resetting the zero point as before power failure when re-powering;
  • Theoretical value calibration, stable within 3s of the calibration process automatically;
  • Remote monitoring and configuration by PC with Modbus TCP connecting up to 6 devices at once;
  • Input anti-vibration function, which time can be set.
Power DC 24V ±5%
Size 62mm x134mm x128mm
Weight Approx. 880g
Operating Environment -10~40°C; 90%R.H, No Condensation
Storing Environment -40~60°C; 90% R.H, No Condensation
Power Dissipation 20W
Weighing Platform Excitation Voltage 5V, 200mA(MAX)/channel
Weighing Platform Requirement 4 simulation scale interface, can connect up to 40 load cell with 3500, support sensitivity 1mV/V, 2mV/V, 3mV/V
Sensitivity 0.1uV/d
Non-Linearity 0.01% F.S
A/D Conversion Speed 50; 60; 100; 120; 200; 240; 400; 480; 800; 960 (SPS)
Maximum Display Accuracy 1/1,000,000



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