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Bowl scale milk weigher by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Milk Weigher (Bowl Scale)

Milk Weigher or Bowl Scale has a post display type design that facilitates accurate weight measurement. The LED display panel makes reading data easier to read. Its feather-touch controls make weight-measuring operations easier. This water-proof scale can be installed anywhere...

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Weighing scale by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Table Top Scale – Supreme

Prompt Supreme Table Top Scale is a durable instrument that comes with a standard-sized pan and inbuilt battery backup for non-stop weighing operations. This weighing scale is ideal for provisions stores and industry purposes. It has dual-display modes for easy...

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Hercules weighing scale by Prompt Weighing Solution

Platform – Hercules Scale

Hercules Scale has a durable and strong industry-grade make that can measure weights from 30 kg to 2000 kg. It has inbuilt mechanical load protection and a remote display for faster and more efficient weight measurement operations.

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Weighing Scale by Prompt Weighing Solutions

Table Top Scale – Chhotu Scale

Chhotu Scale is a heavy-duty tabletop scale for accurate weight measurement. The dust-proof model has a standard pan size and comes with a dual-display facility. It also has a battery backup for non-stop weighing operations in stores and industries.

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