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Checkweigher with Metal Detector

CW 1.2K is a highly accurate checkweigher meant for accurate weight measurements. This machine has a durable SS304 stainless steel structure with the highest-grade electronic interface to accurately measure weights at a high speed. It can be used for checkweighing in food, agro, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical and other industries.

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User-friendly electronic interface

  • 10-inch colour TFT touch screen for better control
  • Automatic zero tracking and weighing compensation
  • Measuring time automatic adjustment

Product adjustment flexibility

  • Case or bag weighing up to 1200g
  • Integration in any production line made easier

Weighing measurement features

  • Can store up to 1 million weight value data for production statistics
  • Printable data ready to import via a USB port
  • Belt speed can be varied as per need

Design functionality

  • Metal detection and weight-check features combined
  • Weight measurement for quality control of packaged and unpackaged items
  • High-quality electronic parts
  • Strong and durable conveyor components
  • Statistical data for evaluating production efficiency
Model CW-1.2K
Power AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz, 400W
Weighing Range 100~1200g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.7g
Weighing Speed ≤100 pcs/min
Belt Speed 5~40 m/min
Belt Size 400mm*250mm
Belt Material PU White
Structure Material 304 Stainless Steel
Rejector Optional: swing arm, push type, air blow
Metal Detection Sensitivity" Fe ≥ 0.8mm, Sus304 > $2.0mm, Non-Fe ≥ $1.5mm
Metal Detector Wide 250mm
Metal Detector Height Optional: 80mm/100mm/120mm/150mm/200mm
Platform Height 750±50mm
Working Temperature 0~40°C
Maximum Humidity 90% R.H No Condensation
Limit Load The instantaneous load shall not exceed 2.4kg



Clearing Up Your Queries and Providing Informed Solutions
What is a checkweigher with metal detector?

It's a Combo system for dynamic weighing and metal detection at a same time in production lines.

How does this work?

Products pass through, weight is measured, and metal is detected(if any) simultaneously.

In which industries can this be used?

Dairy,Food, pharmaceuticals, and any industry needing strict quality control.

Does it also store data?


How many pieces can it check in a minute?


Why is it important to have both weight checking and metal detection in one machine?

Ensures compliance and safety, meeting standards and preserving brand integrity.

How accurate is this

Plus minus 1 gram in 1200gm combo model. Highly accurate

Is this easy to integrate into existing production line?

Yes, designed for seamless integration with flexible mounting and user-friendly interfaces.

Can this be integrated with other quality control systems or data management softwares?

They minimize false alarms while maintaining high sensitivity to genuine deviations.



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