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Prompt Packeasy – A Success Story

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Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries is a rice mill based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company was established in 1998 and has been successfully operating in the industry for more than two decades now. Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries needed an upgrade in their processes to keep up with the tech-driven times. Prompt Weighing Solutions’ automatic packing machine played a vital role in improving their operations through automation. 

What was the problem at Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries?

Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries was following the traditional, manual approach of packing rice. However, it was not the most efficient and effective method. Packing rice manually is a tiresome and labor-intensive method. The rice mill had to depend on the workers to meet their targets. Although they packed around 3200 bags of rice every day, it was a cumbersome, time-consuming, and tedious process. Moreover, manually packing rice led to product wastage. Another challenge was that there needed to be a way of ensuring the quantity of rice that was packed during the day for each brand. 

What changed after Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries moved to Prompt Weighing Solutions’ Automatic Bag Filling System?

The automatic bag-filling system was a game-changer for Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries. The new-age system has simplified the rice packing system. It has become more efficient. The company also experienced reduced product wastage, less dependency on laborers, and faster work completion. Every step of the bag-filling system, like filling the bags with rice, weighing the bags, and stitching them, has been automated. Prompt’s Automatic Bag Filling System provides accurate data in terms of weight and quantity of rice packed per brand. By adopting a smart approach to the packing process through Prompt’s Automatic Bag Filling System, Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries has doubled its productivity and now packs more than 6400 bags of rice every day. 

How is Prompt Weighing Solutions streamlining the Group’s operations?

Just like Shree Radha Govind Agro Industries, other small and mid-sized companies in the agro-industry can benefit from Prompt Weighing Solutions’ innovative weighing and packing systems. Promot has a wide selection of machines that automate tiresome manual processes, save money, and improve process efficiency. From rice to fine granular materials, there is a machine designed for specific purposes. These machines reduce product wastage, measure weight accurately, and pack faster than ever. 

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