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A Complete Guide on How to Choose A Reliable Granule Bag Filling Machine for Your Business

A complete guide on how to choose a reliable granule bag filling machine for your business by Prompt weighing solutions.

The packaging industry and its processes have come a long way over the past few decades. The growth and advent of technology have led to modernization in the packaging industry. Granule packing machines are a prime example of how technology has helped this sector.

There was a time when only premium goods got packaged. However, with the changing times, packaging all products and goods have become important. It is also especially crucial with the growing competition in this sector. In this article, we take a look at everything you want to know about granule packing machines and how to choose the right one for your business.

What Is A Granule Bag Filling Machine? The testimony to the growth of technology in the packaging industry is granule packing machines. This equipment is handy to pack items like seeds, cereals, biscuits, and even frozen food. These machines work high precision and show hardly any error in filling precision. The weight sensors have a sensitive nature, which means only the desired amount of raw material gets packed. It helps in avoiding costly product giveaways. The pouches and bags are also designed to suit the various items that need packaging.

The Technology Behind Granule Bag Filling Machines

Most granule bag filling machines come with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system. The technology is convenient and hassle-free, which brings an element of seamlessness to the manufacturing process. It will control the manufacturing process automatically and on a real-time basis. When you input any condition, you can expect to receive the output very quickly. It helps you in ensuring that the manufacturing process runs effortlessly.

Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controllers help in maintaining the temperature of such equipment. Based on the control feedback, it is possible to keep a specific temperature through constant modulation. These are noise-free machines that offer excellent output. They do not add to the already chaotic environment of factories. It shows that granule packing machines are modern and an efficient piece of technology.

How to Choose A Suitable Granule Bag Filling Machine?

Here are certain factors that will help you in your decision-making process.

· Material specialty

You should be absolutely aware of the uniformity, shape, and stickiness of the products you want to pack. It is also essential to check whether they are single or multiple products in a single package. In case of uniform raw materials like rice without any stickiness, it is advisable to use vessel measurement in the automatic rice packing machine. However, you will have to use weighing measurement in the opposite case. It is also essential to understand that volume measurement is cheaper than weighing measurement.

· Material and bag dimensions

The weight, length, and width of raw material and bags will influence the type of granule bag filling machine you should buy. A bigger equipment will be more costly to buy.

· Speed

The speed will depend upon the size of your operations. If you are just starting out and do not have many items for packaging, you can opt for manual feeding. The speed will be on the slower side, but you will get the equipment at a cheaper price.

· Machine compatibility

The machine needs to be compatible with the requirements of your operations. You need to have the flexibility to exchange the weighing form and bag-making form. The equipment type and price need to be in the same cost range for consideration.

· Dynamical system

Based on the dynamical system, it should be possible to use the machine as mechanical type and pneumatic type. There are pros and cons of both these types. The mechanical one offers faster speed, but the compatibility is bad and debugging can be tough. The pneumatic one is on the slower side, but it is easy to maintain and scale. It also offers good compatibility and the speed range is around 60 bags per minute.

Bottom line

The advancements in the packaging industry call for an increased use of an automatic bag filling machine. The above factors will help you in choosing the right equipment for your packaging operations. If you are looking for rice bag packing machine or pulses bag filling machine, Prompt Equipment can help you.

We have a range of OIML-approved and CE-certified machines that are equipped with self-optimizing controls. Industries that deal with granular products like rice, pulses, animal feed, maize, soybeans, seeds, and plastic granules are already benefitting from our solutions. To improve the speed and efficiency of your operations, contact us today.

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