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Why product packages should be accurately scaled and weighed

Why product packages should be accurately sealed and weighed by Prompt Weighing Solutions

If you run a business that has a product with sensitive weights, the accuracy of the packaging needs to be top-notch. Imagine a scenario where two consumers buy the same product, but open it to find the packaging with different quantities. One might have the accurate weight, while the other could have one-fourth less from the desired quantity.

It can lead to an unfavourable situation where the reputation of a business could also be at stake. Let us take a look at why it becomes critical to ensure accurate product weighing.

Product packaging and weight

The weight of any given product must be accurate to what is displayed on the packaging. It is thus critical to scale and weigh products accurately. A quality checkweigher can ensure that each package has just the right amount of raw material it needs. It will also help in meeting the regulatory standards and identifying areas for improvement. Ultimately, it will also help in reducing the product giveaway and bring consistency in the production process.

How does product affect accuracy

It is possible to verify the precision of the product weight through checkweighing and vertical scaling as well. However, there are certain aspects that need consideration to ensure uniformity. These include factors like packaging material, product characteristics, atmosphere, seal type and length, etc. With vertical scaling systems, there can be a chance of product breakage when fragile there are fragile raw materials. However, a rotary mechanism where raw material lands on a moving surface can prevent this.

Horizontal weighing systems, which are more popular, also need to take care of the consistency aspect. A good dynamic checkweigher is the one that avoids product giveaway. It is possible to prevent this by calibrating the machine for each product with multiple samples to find out a variance in weight.

How does packaging affect speed

When you have a product with different packaging materials and types, it is essential to understand that they cannot get weighed in the same manner. A bag will always weigh lesser than bottles or bags. Air drifts can affect the movement of boxes, while bags can always get lifted from the conveyor due to air pressure. Advanced versions of checkweighers can address these issues by taking care of tolerances. It is desirable to have equipment that offers flexibility concerning scaling and weighing.

How can a checkweigher affect the end results of a business

Businesses need to ensure each of their products has identical weight. It is only possible when there is reliable weighing equipment. Before investing in any checkweigher, businesses need to make sure that the machinery will fit their industrial environment, meet the packaging format, etc. Flexibility and efficiency are essential qualities that can define the production process of any business.

A versatile checkweigher can present you with many options like appropriate spacing, product transfer, and reject options. With the statistical information and data in hand, it helps in improving the efficiency of the production. Lastly, it is critical to get a checkweigher that can get easily integrated into your production lines. There should not be a need for introducing major changes to accommodate the new checkweigher.

Bottom line

Accurate weighing of products helps in avoiding product giveaways, which can directly affect the profits of a business. You thus need an accurate and reliable checkweigher that addresses all your product weighing needs comprehensively. If you are looking to bring efficiency in your production processes, getting a dependable checkweigher should be your priority. To know more about how Prompt can help you with your checkweighing needs, contact us today.

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