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    GM8802D is a field mounting transmitter that offers excellent precision and reliability. This weighing transmitter comes with IP65 case and built-in junction box. The high efficiency of the junction box ensures that the weighing transmitter can work under extreme industrial environment. Allowing easy integration, this weighing transmitter is ideal across applications like concrete and bitumen mixing equipment, metallurgy furnace and converter, chemical industry, etc.

  • This field mounting transmitter is advanced weighing equipment that will take care of all your batching and weight transmitting needs. It is especially beneficial in cases where several channels of A/D are required. This weighing transmitter comes with two channels of independent A/D that are bundled flawlessly in an IP65 case. This enables it to work in extreme industrial environments with excellent accuracy and reliability.



    GM8802F-4 is a highly efficient and advanced batching and weight transmitting application. It is ideal in situations where there is a need for several channels of A/D. This field mount transmitter comes four channels of independent A/D bundled in an IP65 case. This strong and sturdy build allows working with excellent reliability and accuracy even in tough industrial environments.